Taking the biggest place in every room and giving it its own style, the sofa is the most important part of the room and Belcaro knows that! That’s why we offer you a big variety of different models of sofas, corner sets, armchairs, puffs and benches- all beautiful and comfy. You choose- classic or modern style, original fabric or nice leather, cute decorative cushions or big elegant ones- one is certain, the quality and comfort take always first place with us. When high quality materials are used by experienced hands, the result is always a fabulous product for your home, office or hotel. Trust us and check by yourself!


In order to facilitate you in a fully arranging of your home or office, we make also amazing furniture. Kitchens, wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs are just some of the products that we can provide to any taste. The style, the designs and the quality of the materials are guaranteed. The different colures, shapes and designs play with the prices in a way, which provide you for sure a purchase, that really worth! You’re not sure about the sizes and the details аround the order- we are always staying at your disposal to help. Leave everything in our professional hands!

Complete interior decisions

You’re not quite sure how you want your home (office, restaurant, hotel, summerhouse…) to look? Don’t discourage yourself- we’re here to help you! We have the right people, full with imagination, creativity and experience, who can offer to your attention varieties of a complete or partial furnishing. They are best friends with your personality and always looking for a way to put it in the furnishing project, so to make you feel perfectly, comfortably and cozy at the end. Whether you prefer to follow the newest lines in the interior design, or you want something traditional and classic, our great young creative team can make it real and even more - can show it to you in a 3D project, so you to accept it or not. Shall we start?


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